Off the Rack With Danielle: A Spectacle at Every A...

Off the Rack With Danielle: A Spectacle at Every Angle


Recently, spectacle brand Kirk Originals opened their new flagship store on Conduit Street in London. Unlike most other eyewear stores, Kirk’s store design does not feature white walls, or rows of eyewear that are systematically placed exactly five inches below another. Instead, designers decided to be creative and take a sculptural, 3D approach to presenting Kirk’s retro-inspired glasses on the wall.

Not only was I impressed with their semi-futuristic, compelling visuals, but I was impressed with their product, as well. With collections such as ‘Sculpture’, ‘Kinetic’, and ‘Saturn’, I was intrigued to browse Kirk’s website. Lucky for my oval face, Kirk Originals features lots of square, geometric shaped frames. (Too bad I don’t even need glasses! We always want what we can’t have, right?)

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Overall, one of the best visual aspects is the action going on in the store’s front windows. They feature eyes that blink and move as you walk past them — proving once again that the future for automated displays is bright!




Written by: Danielle Wallis

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