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OP-ED: How Can We Effectively Protect the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Fashion Industry?

China is a vast country with 56 nationalities, each boasting its long history, splendid cultural heritage and unique national costumes. National costumes can reflect social features and customs in different […]

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OP-ED: Gender Neutral

Millennials are challenging the perception of sexual orientation, causing a seismic shift in gender targeted fashions. What aesthetically distinguishes a male and a female, masculine or feminine is not being […]

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Issey Miyake Continues to Play with Sculptural Design

Designer Yoshiyuki Miyamae uses geometry, printing and fringe elements for the Issey Miyake 2016 early spring vacation series Lookbook, which is full of fantasy and visual illusion. He also adds […]

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Beauty Lies Truth

You don’t mess with Beauty Lies Truth. This is the non-profit organization that is set out to tell the truth about the beauty industry, bar. no. bullshit. What’s now a […]

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Youth Hotel: Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Passion Before Fashion

Russian Post-Soviet style streetwear designer, Gosha Rubchinskiy’s creative passion began in photography long before he began designing clothing. He has a preoccupation with Russian’s youth and street culture, which he shows in […]

Photography courtesy of Oaokaena Kirkland and Michael Vossen.

The Hawaiian Songstress: The Life, Music and Experiences of Lina Robins-Tamure

Arriving promptly at fifteen past nine in the evening, Lina Robins-Tamure stopped in the doorway of local joint Chiko’s Tavern and eye-searched the dimly lit pub for her interviewer. Tucked […]

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Student Spotlight: Shraddha Kutty

Whether it’s flamenco for Balenciaga or ballet for Christian Dior, the influence of dance on fashion is subtle yet profound. When dance meets fashion, the alchemy between the two art […]

Simon Ungless, Mickey Boardman, Lars Petersen, Elisa Stephens, and Stephan Rabimov

Mastering the Future of Fashion: Mickey Boardman and Lars Petersen on adapting fashion to the digital landscape

On Wednesday morning, Academy of Art University hosted a panel discussion with fashion-multimedia industry leaders, Mickey Boardman (Editorial Director, Paper magazine) and Lars Petersen (Digital Director, Visionaire), at St Brigid’s […]

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Design in Wonderland: 2016 Spring Graduation Fashion Show

It was 1:30pm on Wednesday, May 11th. As we arrived backstage of the enormous open warehouse, we expected to see somewhat of a manic setting as designers were preparing their […]

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2016 Spring Graduation Fashion Show

San Francisco, CA, May 13, 2016 — The School of Fashion at Academy of Art University honored Kate and Laura Mulleavy, founders of Rodarte, at the 2016 Graduation Fashion Show […]